Hey guys it's Monday, back to school.......... Mmmmmmm........ HOMEWORK!.... BORIN! Well that's life I suppose! Comment on this blog if you have started high school this month. Every day I do a post and it's called the day's post, e.g.- monday post, tuesday post, thursday post,etc. Yea so that's what I will do every day, unless I am busy somewhere and won't be able to it a post that day. I take my phone (samsung galaxy ace) to school every day! When it's breaktimes, lunchtimes, or in a lesson when the teacher is not concontraing on my side of the room i will get my phone out and start texting, playin games, etc.

Thats Monday post finished! Bye!

Hey guys this is happy21angel and I am going to be doing loads of posts, well of course! I am the owner:) So today is sunday and I am really excited because from right this second................... NOW! I am going to be updating my site with incredable stuff all the time.... yea basically every day. IF I CAN! bye!
so this is all about Happy21angel. On Moshi Monsters her name is Happy21angel but when she is offline she gets called Lilly. She has a lot of BFFs. They are called Lauren, Chloe, Megan, Izzy and lots more! But on Moshi her BFFs are Harry (Htheman1) Me (im Emily but on moshi im Victoria010103) etc.  Lilly is 11 years old and she loves McDonalds!!! She thinks sweets are tasty and she absolutely loves the colour blue. She says 'Bring me blue things!' Did you know that she has just started year 7 at school? Its true! she has a samsung galaxy ace. Fancy huh? She really likes movie star planet, moshi monsters and monster high. and she says 'WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!'
so here are the different kinds of monsters:


i think that poppet loves every moshling no matter what. she seems to love wearing bows and ribbons and dresses. i think that pinks and purples are poppets fave colours.

furi seems to like creative and messy things. i think that he like a lot of food too.

i think that katsuma looks quite crafty. i also think that katsuma likes things like karate and stuff like that.

luvli loves herself and wants to look her best. i would say that LOVES clothes and wears all the latest fashions and accesries. i think that she would go for pink ribbons and butterflies and roses and flowers.

this monster looks quite mischievous. i think he must cause a lot of trouble!!!

by emily xxxx

ok well my first day back at school was amazing!!!!! our new teacher is ok 2 (but me and my friends dont really like her!!!) and she is very clear with how she teaches but i dont really care if she teaches us or not i would rather be out skateboarding at the park with my friends. so we had a hockey match before we left school and it was great! although no1 scored a goal :( so it was kinda a draw i guess although 2 people got hurt while playing but not seriously injured wich was good when me and my friends came into the hall every1 stared at us like we were celebs and in assembly the back line of year 6s had 2 stand up 2 sing and the new year 3s stared at us!!!! so my first day in year 6 went well :)

hey guys sorry that I have not been doing posts for the last few weeks, I have been on holiday to Spain, but from NOW I will do as many posts as i can do this is happy21 angel by the way!! Hope you all have a lovely week I am starting high school tomoro! So I am nervous. But for now, Bye!!

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